necklace: urban outfitters
rings: jwlry, market stall, forever 21

Love this dress so much, Its just something that you can throw on with a fancy necklace and still look nice. Im going out for dinner which is nice! I was struggling to find anything suitable to wear in this weird weather too. Its so warm yet still really chilly at the same time!

Im not prepared for Fashion Week (well Im only going for two days) but Im still not prepared at all for it. Havent sorted all my tickets, havent packed, Only thought about one outfit and not organized meeting anyone yet. Im going out for a Indian tonight as well so Im gonna smell lovely and fresh in the morning. Usual speil but PLEASE say Hi if you see me around, I know alot of people are really funny when they see bloggers in real life and get all embarrassed and tweet them after! Honestly all the bloggers I've met are genuinely lovely people! Especially people going to the Look Show! I know alot of girls are going and are a bit worried about meeting people, but its fun and you just have to be confident and go for it!