001. Enjoying being home alone at the moment as my Mum has gone off gallivanting round Turkey again! Same place as we always go when we go to Turkey for long time followers! Makes me super excited about getting my own place. Been spending far too much time recently on home blogs looking at beautiful interiors and planning my dream home! Of course I've already picked out a furry friend to share my house with! Exciting!

002. Spent the day photographing my to review box and trying to sort out some sort of schedule for my ETC blog! Products have been mounting up and I wanna get using them! I'm just so funny about taking a photo of them before I feel like I can use them. I really hate seeing photographs of used makeup! Now I've got a ton photographed I can use it all! Cant wait to get playing with my goodies!

003. To continue with my general mad spending this week I ended up buying these Alba Boots from Topshop. I think they are just LUSH. they arent real leather unlike my beloved Allegeras, but they are perfect wedge boot height for everyday wear. Feeling super naughty giving Topshop all my money this week, but oh well! Id rather have two beautiful items than a million medicore ones! Thats my pathetic justification anyway!

004. I've been nominated for a Cosmopoliton blog award this year, I'll talk about it in more depth in a post during the week but if you would vote for me as "Best Established Fashion Blog" it would seriously mean a hell of a lot to me! All you need to do is put your email address in, got to the "Best Established Fashion blog" category and click on my blog name which is obviously "LLYMLRS". Thanks so much if you do vote for me! I didnt even expect to be nominated if Im honest!