photobooth again this week as im in a rush ):

001. I have so much to talk about but so little time. Finally managed to get my post about Juicy Couture's Vogues Fashion Night Out! Which was really lovely! Now I've got to get my LFW stuff, Look Show and IFB Crystals and Crumpets event stuff up! Like a idiot I forgot my camera battery so ended up being camera-less during the whole thing. IPhone photos are fine (surprised about how many people used their iPhone's as cameras during shows!) but its just not the same! I've started drafting posts so Im sure they will go up sooner rather than later!

002. Going to see 30 minutes or Less with my friend Hannah tonight. Haven't been to the cinema in what feels like forever, Swear I use to go all the time as well! I'm no film enthusiast but there is something about going to the cinema that really excites me!

003. Sneakily bought this coat for my winter coat this year. Its incredibly pricey but I'm going to return it and then buy it back with the 20% off student discount that Topshop are doing as part of their SCVNGR (STOLE MY NO VOWEL THING ~ OMGZ ~) student discount thing. Woe as me not being a student anymore though! To justify it I'm telling myself that it will last me all winter, and its pretty classic being tweed and all... right!?...right...

004. Have so many emails to reply to as ive been so MIA this week, so sorry if I've not replied to anything yet, I'm a week behind right now, but I promise I'll reply as soon as I can! I know I've said this before but read my FAQ for the most commonly asked questions! I've answered most of the ones I've emailed before! Quick questions are best via Twitter too as I'll normally reply as I see them! Or leave your twitter @ reply in the comments as I can reply on there with answers! I wish blogger would just hurry up with a comment reply system!

005. Big hello to everyone who I met at Fashion Week! Met some wonderful people who read my blog as well as lovely lovely bloggers!