some images taken by myself, some from heather & some are official photos! 

I was invited to a Juicy Couture event for Vouges Fashions Night Out. I was a bit unsure at first purely because like alot of people I think Juicy was a bit... tacky? I think they have a really bad reputation for all the velour stuff when in reality that sort of stuff is a very small percentage of what they actually do. They have some beautiful clothes as well as some absolutely lovely jewellery! I was sent the lookbook before I went and I was really surprised!

Me, Gem and Emma were all treated amazingly well by Juicy Couture. We had Afternoon Tea at Claridges, which was just lovely, Something I would really love to do again. Nothing better than champers, tea and little cakes, The scones were actually delicious! I somehow managed to cover myself in tea leaves during this time, because Im such a klutz! Lots of chat about blogging and laughs about life were had, My favourite thing about going to events is meeting new people!

We were given some of the nicest goodybags I've ever had at an event, a £20 Nails Inc voucher (with some savvy maths skills me and Gem managed to use these on some nail repair kits!) a Nars Lipgloss, a HUGE bottle of Viva La Juicy, a amazing book of Vogue photographs (which I will be posting about as the book is absolutely beautiful!) and a Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! I also got to pick two items from Juicy Couture's collection, which I cannot wait to get my paws on! I've got to ring the courier up and get it re-delivered as I was at LFW when the package came!

From Claridges, we were taken to the Juicy Couture store to pick some outfits out and style them ourselves. The store itself is absolutely stunning, this is where I wish I took more photographs (I forgot my camera, notice a theme with my recent events!) because its perfectly decorated with tons of creative bits of artwork with a Juicy theme, as well as it being as all the pink and girly touches that are a signature of Juicy Couture.

Big thank you to Heather for asking me to come along to the event. I had such a wonderful day, It was definitely one of the nicest events I've ever been to! Wish I'd been able to stick around to go to more Vogues Fashion Night Out events as it was just a incredible buzz within the fashion industry that night!