001. Been chillaxing all today, nothing like a extended weekend! Cheers Bank Holiday! Went for a very tasty meal with my friends in town today, Nothing better than a Sunday Roast pub lunch! I love a good roast dinner! Went into some of the homeware shops in town and have been day dreaming of decorating my own house.

002. Fangirled my little heart out over The Strokes at Reading last night. Tweeted a little too much, and felt like the One Direction or Justin Beiber fangirls I tend to always unfollow on Twitter! I did have a ticket to the festival but decided I was too old/didn't want to go on my own. In hindsight I'm a idiot and I would have probably killed to be there. Jarvis and Julian on stage together, too good. My Mum even came into my room in a drunken state to express her love too. My favourite bands are The Strokes & Alexisonfire,  but I generally listen to pop punk, emo, post-hardcore music! Basically any band that was big on the 2003-2007 scene! 

003. London on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week! Exciting times. Going to be *hopefully* signing for my new flat on Tuesday so if all goes to plan I'll be living in London in just under two weeks. Scary times, but I'm just ridiculously fed up of having to travel so much and I've got to the point where I just want to get on with my life! Thursday I'm meeting some other bloggers and we are going for drinks and shopping and then a Glossy Box event. Michelle informed me that one of my favourite Swedish brands, Monki, is opening on Thursday too so Im so excited for that.

004. Cant believe how many people have entered my throw-away giveaway on ETC, It wasn't really supposed to be anything major as it was something that I didn't like so better than it going to the back of the wardrobe I'd pass it on to a reader. I feel awful coz its so half assed in terms of prize! I don't typically do giveaways, I dont think they work as much as people like to think in gaining genuine followers (as in ones who'll stick around once its over or actually engage with a blog!). I do think new bloggers feel they need to do giveaways as part of getting followers, I personally don't feel they should be "must do" and feeling pressured to buy an expensive prize is something I'm sure alot of people worry about. None the less I do feel I should "reward" (for lack of a better word!) people for actually following me in the first place. Although I've noticed alot of people comment on how slim the chances are of winning the actual prize are in my giveaway, which makes me consider if its generally worth doing a giveaway to give back to the readers if only one out of the X amount if people who visit my blog get the prize. I obviously cant afford to giveaway loads of stuff, but I can see why people would think "oh why bother entering"! Thoughts?