001. Incredibly tired today, Late night phone calls and not enough sleep from the night before has made me a grumpy girl! Of course did my usual Sunday shop with my mother but nothing caught my eye! River Island is probably the one store thats really catching my eye the most at the moment. I don't think the Telford branch (RIP Hereford River Island!) is that well stocked though so might make a online order! I adore this leather dress, this collared polka dot dress, and this lovely chelsea girl smock dress.

002. Next week I'm spending time with my family, Really looking forward to taking my sisters out for a girly day & I might take them to the zoo or a farm type thing as well. I'm probably more excited at the prospect of going to the zoo than them! I'm a sucker for animals!

003. Since becoming a recent heel convert I've been scouring the shops for suitable heeled shoes. Im a size 5 and a half so I have real trouble finding shoes that actually fit me. I've been telling myself I don't need more shoes, but this week's ebay post by Victoria has come up trumps with the Sam Endleman Zoe boots that everyone and their mum wanted a few years ago. Im so tempted to get them but they are hardly day wear! Oh well, inappropriate as always!

004. Just popped a 30% off code for my jewellery shop up. I have very very little stuff left at the moment and I'm not planning to get more in until I've moved. Then everything will be completely restocked as well as new stuff added. "BYEBYE" will give you 30% off until everything is gone! The five ring mixes are on pre-order but you can use the code on that too for now but I will take it off soon for that item. If you've already bought from me and want a five stone mix or a three stone mix write in the note to seller/email me the ones you have and I'll avoid putting those in.

005. Updated my FAQ with a few more commonly asked questions.