Yesterday and this week for a matter have fact have been such a whirlwind. I know people are probably sick about me gushing about how fab my week has been! My LOOK magazine chat went so well, I had some great questions. I probably annoyed alot of people off with all the tweets too! It was great to do the chat, meet all the girls from LOOK and spend the day behind the scenes at a magazine.

I read lots of LOOK Magazine blog competition entries, and there were some really great entries! The ones that I stuck out to me were the ones that offered something a bit different. The ones that sounded like they genuinely loved fashion and blogging and were determined to do well as a blogger. I think creativity will really help you win this year, Think images, engaging content, maybe do a video entry, offer a different slant on the situation! Generic entries didn't really appeal to me nor did ones who put their blogs down worrying that they didn't have enough followers or said their blog wasn't very good. Winning this competition is GREAT exposure, but they arent going to pick the winner based on how many followers you have or how your blog looks, they want someone passionate, engaging, excited and creative to show them WHY you have what it takes to be a front row blogger! 

Hopefully I'll be going back their soon to do some more work with them once I move down to London! Big thank you to Lara for helping out organize the day, the online team at LOOK and everyone who helped make my Q&A a big success! I haven't typed so much since my doing my dissertation! You can read some highlights here, Remember to enter the competition too, you only have till the 15th August & you have to be over 18!