liz earle cleanse polishliz earle skin tonic
100ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £13.25
200ml Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer £12

Liz Earle is one of those brand that seem to go around the blogasphere, They send out alot of free products so therefore alot of people seem to rave about them. I'm always a little skeptical when brands do-do (lol) the rounds in the blogasphere because you never really know for sure.

I bought these from John Lewis when I was in London a few weeks ago, the girl who served me was really lovely (she even said she followed my blog too! Hi!!) and she knew what I wanted before I even asked! Basically I'm so lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off. I hate that tight/dry feeling you get with makeup wipes and most eye-makeup removers hurt my sensitive eyes. I occasionally (alot) do the ultimate skincare faux pas and "forget" to take my makeup off before I go to bed. It all seems a bit easier to do it all blurry-eyed and in the morning!

When applying I do my cheeks, nose & foreheard first, then do the eyes, which generally leaves me looking like panda. But I do wear alot of eye makeup! It doesnt hurt when you apply it onto your eye area, which really surprised me.  Then gently buff your face with a muslin cloth. Pat the skin dry and spritz with the Skin Tonic, The result is really soft, super clean and as super lame as it sounds "radiant"! It literally takes about 3 mins from start to finish. Perfect for lazy people like me!

I would 100% buy the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish again, I've never said that about a skincare product. I'm in two minds about the Skin Tonic as I'm not even sure what it does. I've never understood the importance of toner! I REALLY wish I'd bought this sooner, I know its a bloggers favourite but I do totally see why now! As far as the price goes I think its reasonable, I know Liz Earle do various sizes on their website so you can always buy a small bottle just to try it out!
(My skin for reference: I have oily/combo skin, relatively good skin in terms of breakouts and spots, slight scarring on my chin. I have a very uneven olive and warm toned skin with very pink toned cheeks. Im a MAC NW15 without tan and generally wear foundation this colour then bronze up with bronzer if needed!)
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