jumper: H&M
skirt: zara
necklace: forever 21
ring: love hearts and crosses *, market stall & jwlry
nails: models own top turquoise *

Went out last night in Hereford for a friends 21st celebratory drinks, which was pretty good as far as Hereford nights out go. My friend Jess was wearing a lovely pink dress from Dixi (use "llydixi" to get 15% off there!). Lots of shots were had and dancing to cheesy music! There was a ~ foam party ~ in one of the rooms which I swiftly avoided. I really dont get the point of foam parties in clubs unless your like on holiday. Who really wants to look like a damp rat on a night out?

Got this jumper from H&M after some of the worst customer service I've ever had in any shop. The woman didnt say hi or bye to me or tell me how much the total items were. She even left the security tag on the jumper which I had to get off with pliers and luckily didnt damage the jumper. Im not one to complain about bad service, because to be honest it doesnt matter that much in the long run. But I think the fact she didnt even tell me how much everything came to annoyed me the most.

Anyway, outfit related! Just simple, I know people always comment my outfits saying "so simple" but I really don't think you need to over complicate or over style something to look good. I've been at home most of the day and yeah it is simple but its still pretty ~stylish~ in its own right. I love the browny, taupey grey colour of the knit sweater, really different and I love the little bit shorter than normal sleeves. Cant wait for winter, "summer" sucks!