top: new look
skirt: H&M
blazer: H&M
rings: jwlry & market stall
nails: models own top turquoise
earrings: primark
belt: primark

Today I went for lunch with my Mum, my brother and his friend Theo to ASK. I haven't been there in such a long time and I actually really enjoyed it. Especially for a chain sort of restaurant the food was really lovely! Ended up being naughty and buying some boots from New Look that I really didnt need as they are pretty much the same as my beloved Allegeras (doesnt everyone have a pair now?) but suedey/velvety material instead. I really didnt need more boots, but oh well. Can never have enough shoes can we!

I cant help think that my boobs (courtesy of Wonderbra Full Effect, always) look ridiculous in stripey tops. Makes them look a bit wonky haha! Oh well! Never sure if black and blue are still a no no, but who really cares for fashion rules anymore! I saw a similar blazer to the one I wore today in H&M in a lovely camel colour which would look awesome this Autumn/Winter! Oh autumn winter cannot come soon enough!

In London tomorrow so no blog post tomorrow unfortunately! And if you see me feel free to say Hi, It always makes me sad me how many people do tweet me saying "oh I just saw you", Just come say hello! I know its well embarrassing saying Hi to people off the internet but its really embarrassing for me too! I always turn into the most awkward turtle! But I love meeting people who follow my blog!