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Like over 9000 different people in the blogasphere that will be posting about this, but I like offering my thoughts on things like this because its something I'm genuinely interested in. I think the social media elements of this whole Beauty/Sample Box phenomenon is really interesting. As I think that plays a big part in the reaction to beauty boxes that are out there.

Unlike Glossy Box, I think Boudoir Prive could genuinely survive in a "real" world rather than the blogging one. Us Bloggers are fickle and shallow people who like brand names. Ask anyone what sort of samples they'd like in a beauty box and Im sure most of them would say MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier... You know high end stuff that you would find in most department stores. Brands that most people would buy if they had the money.

Boudior Prive is certainally luxury, The samples arent that cheap. Mainly exclusive-high end brands that I think alot of people wouldn't have heard of before. I think the general public would more likely be taken with the things in this box, than bloggers. I think generally the general public might not really care about brand names and just like that little touch of luxury each month.

I dont think that Glossy Box and Boudoir Prive will be doing some one-up-man-ship over the next few months as I do think that they are different in their own ways. Boudoir Prive seems a little more thought out, where as Glossy Box seems a bit month to month. Like Glossy seem to have no long term plan in what's going in boxes, which can make it feel a little thrown together. Like last months box had 2 full size products, which seems slightly silly for a box that is labeled as a "sample box"!

I think a fair few people who got the Boudoir Prive box were expecting a Glossy 2.0 stylee first box. Something high-end, full size from a well known brand. I can see why people are disappointed but not everything is aimed at our age range and at bloggers. You can use 1BOX12 to get 50% off your first box if you fancied signing up just to see what its like!