dress: primark
jacket: primark
necklace: primark
hat: H&M
rings: jwlry

...So I didnt win Euro Millions so I'm still here sulking in the UK. I've decided to go on Holiday again soon, dont know where or when, but I shall. Went for lunch with my friend today in town which was nice. I had pizza and chips, keeping it classy 2k11! Full on Primark outfit today too as I even wore Primark shoes, It baffles me how people disregard Primark so much when if you take 5 mins to look you find sweet little bargains. This lace long sleeved dress was a fiver and the necklace £2.50!

Going to Merry Hill tomorrow in the vain excuse to find something suitable to wear to graduation. I want something pink and my big fat gyspy weddingish. The ever popular five ring mix in my shop are back in stock, so if you've pre-ordered they are going out tomorrow!

PS. I've had so many people asking about the link to my eBay etc, I will post about it when they go up, I've not photographed or even thought about uploading stuff yet, be patient, of course I'll share it though!