excuse the orangeness, my tan is still developing!
heres a side view as all the ones I took didnt come out good!

Oh leopard how I love you. I bought these ages ago, and have had every intention of mentioning them on here for months now. My Mum practically forced me to buy these wedges from Internationale, I wasn't sure, I don't even remember why I didn't want to buy them, something was just holding me back. For some reason they were running a buy one item get the next item half price or something crazy like that. So I bought this top for £7.99 & then after some convincing I went back and got these shoes for a stupidly low price (£10 maybe?). I love them I really do. No regrets getting them at all as they are surprisingly easy to walk in & wear. I've tottered around in them a few times since getting them and I cant believe I nearly decided to leave them! The nails is Misguided something, I cannot remember!

I was going to do a outfit post today but I didn't get home till after I had my spray tan, and seeing as I was wearing a white shirt combo I did want to get my tan all over it while it develops. I'm going out tomorrow so hopefully I'll do a post before I go out of what I'm going to wear, even tho I've not decided exactly what I'm wearing yet!