Ciate nail polish, Illamasqua powdered metal in Ether, Orla Keily perfume, Ultra Sun Face 30, Weleda Pomergranate Regenerating Body Oil

Been wanting to add my two cents on Glossy Box for a while now. However, I only just got my first Glossy Box this month so I didnt talk too much on it beforehand. I was skeptical that they might be a one trick pony, and I think the second box fiasco probably was a bit of a step in the wrong direction for them, but I was still interested and wanted to get my hands on a box. I'd actually paid for my box way back in May but for some reason (thank the lord with hindsight!) it skipped last month and ended up getting the July box. For me this month is a big thumbs up! The contents do vary as some people also got Xen Tan stuff and some other things. However I'm satisfied with all my bits, nothing is stuff I wouldn't use or liked to have tried so there are no problems with that!

Would I recommend Glossy Box? Depends how you look at it. Fist box, good, second box meh, third box good. Yeah its a bit up and down, and the price is increasing to £12.95 but I personally would pay that. I like samples and trying new things, I don't generally buy alot of makeup or skincare apart from mascara and foundation so its nice to get some random bits each month. I think the price is good considering I know alot of people spend more than a tenner a month on products they dont like or simply just use once!

I think people got a little OTT last month bashing the box, I did feel really sorry for them in the end as some people went as far to claim they were "on drugs" and how awful they were.  I think OK they messed up, it was their second box though, I think with new companies, especially ones that are sending random samples paired with the fact I think everyone thought they were going to get a full sized Nars product didnt help. SAMPLES being the operative word, I do think they need to stop sending fullsize products out because its going to give people the wrong idea! Also add in their little price increase announcement faux pas, They ended up with a ton of bad press. I think people expected a little too much, but like the Birch Box & other US equivalents they seem to vary in quality too.

In short I will continue to sub to Glossy Box in the future for sure. However I've ordered the Boudoir Prive box which I think comes in August, so we shall see how it compares!