cardigan: topshop
vest dress: asos
rings: jwlry
necklace: forever 21
nails: models own top turquoise
lips: mac hue

Wore pretty much the same outfit as yesterday, oversized cardigan + black dress. Done. Ikea was good, I bought some pillows and some candles and ate lots of food (huh diet please!). There was a total store evacuation while I was there and everyone in the building had to be evacuated, luckily me and mum had just paid, however I had just bought a Mr Whippy Ice Cream and I had to leave before I could get any ice cream so I only had a cone. I then managed to pull a muscle in my chest when picking something up and then to rub salt in my wounds afore mentioned ice cream (when we were finally allowed back in) was accidentally dropped on the floor. You have to laugh but oh god life is a joke.

I don't do Topshop knitwear, I think its terribly over priced for its general poor quality. This was down in the sale though from £38 to £18, I like the colour (I love pink and black at the moment!) and I thought I'd be a devil and break duh rulez.

Ps. Told you my hair was VERY BLONDE. Going to work on the fade between the brown and the blonde a bit so the ombre is higher and more towards the crown once my hair a recovers a little from being bleached!