dress: miss selfridge, shoes: ebay

Had a bit of a joke over on my blog about what I was looking for to wear for graduation saying I wanted a Big Fat Gypsy wedding dress! But basically when I was trying to explain to my Mum what I wanted to wear for graduation I said something along the lines of pink, silky, and puffy (basically I wanted a pink cocktail dress type thing) and she was like "WHAT A GYPSY WEDDING DRESS" and then it basically stuck!

So I didnt find the dress of my dreams *ahem* so settled for this pink petite number from Miss Selfridge. It fits lovely and looks really nice on. A little more tame than I would normally go for, but then I sort of remembered that its supposed to be a bit posh and formal! I've bought some heels as well to wear with it, but Im not sure if they will come in time, which is super annoying! Will post proper photos when I do actually graduate on Thursday! So exciting!