clutch: primark
shoes: new look

So I graduated last week, and so this post is a little late, but I was in two minds if I was going to post them or not, However I decided to go for it in the end. Something about posting my graduation photos to me felt like the lines blurring between my "real" life and my blog life. It felt a little too personal for my tastes, Its not that I dont feel comfortable sharing my life on the internet, hell I do it every single day! I just feel weird posting photos of my friends and family, much like the reason I've never posted my holiday photos or ones from my 21st! Decided to omit them and just post the ones my mother took of me on the day.

Onto the outfit, the shoes I did plan on getting didn't come in time so I opted for black ones I've had from New Look for what seems like years! They are so comfy and easy to wear. I really hate my knees, they are so messed up from years of bumping them & various sports injuries! Im really glad I ended up with this pink dress as it was really "me", especially since I was probably one of the only people wearing alot of colour. I don't do blending into the background. Excuse my wind swept barnet as it was super windy that day!

Major thanks to my Mum for being a photographer and proving to the world I do not have wooden stumps for legs!