Tweezerman Minis, MAC Espresso eyeshadow & a Sigma E05

Its taken me years to get my eyebrows the way I want them, When I was younger I used to have the thickest eyebrows ever, like one big uni brow! I then started plucking around 14, I've only really been filling them in the past two years or so. I mainly started filling them in because of the style of eye makeup I wear, yanno, dramatic cat eye & big lashes! Meaning my eyebrows used to get a bit lost and look really blah! Since filling them in I've never looked back! I do change my brow shape from time to time, At the moment I really like the rounded front & then the elongated arch.

I get my eyebrows threaded once or twice a month and then pluck the stragglers as they grow back. I personally dont mind the pain of threading, Its quick and looks amazing when its done. I pay between £5 and £10 for this. I use a Tweezerman Mini's to pluck with, its hands down the best tweezers I've ever used. I know its expensive but its so worth it, I genuinely didn't believe the hype till I bought mine! I also use MAC Espresso (as you can see I use it alot!) and a small brush (one pictured is a Sigma Beauty EO5) to fill them in. I'm not going to video or explain how to fill your brows in because there are a billion Youtube videos already on it and I do mine in exactly the same way!

I am blessed with a decent eyebrow shape to begin with if I'm honest, I cant give any tips on shaping or growing them out as mine grow at the speed of light!