canon 1000d via eBay

One of the most common question's and common search terms for my blog is "What camera does LLYMLRS use?" I've mentioned it alot before, but I currently use a Canon 1000d with the kit lens's that come with it. I bought it for about £250 off eBay about a year ago now. I'm hoping to upgrade when I get some more money though.

A super common question I get asked too is if I recommend it for new bloggers. I can honestly say no. If you dont know anything about DSLR's or how to really use them to their full potential there really isnt  much use spending hundreds of pounds on them! I took photography at college so I have a pretty good grasp of how to use a DSLR camera beyond the auto settings. I cant recommend personally any cameras suitable for blogging, as I've never used any others! I think there is far too much stress on needing an expensive camera to have what is generically deemed a "good blog". You just need a good little point and shoot camera that has a few different settings (macro is useful if you have a beauty blog!) that most importantly you understand how to use!

I cant stress enough that just because this is the camera I use, means it will work the same for you. Doesnt mean your photos will come out exactly like mine nor will it make your blog better just because its expensive. If anyone has any suggestions for cameras that they use on their blog that might help people let us know in the comments!