dress: new look
blazer: river island

I'm going out tonight and decided on this cream dress from Topshop to wear with some heels I got from eBay, with ankle socks & sequin clutch.Was going to post a outfit of that but I thought I'd just show you something casual instead. Adore the dress from New Look, I got it when I was with Victoria a few weeks ago, Its gone down in the sale to £9 now, which is gutting, Its annoying not working there anymore and seeing what goes down! BOO. Couldn't be bothered with accessories and stuff, I don't think it needs a necklace and I just wanted something simple to run a few errands in! I love the colour of my tan that I got yesterday, its a Sienna spray tan 16% I think! I have quite dark/tanned/olive skin so it really took well! I might start getting it every week haha! FISTPUMP!

Spent today watching Extreme Couponing, I wish I could do that. Seems to cool yet totally pointless, why someone would need 1000 tubes of toothpaste I don't know. Kinda addictive watching though. Sometimes I watch the most pointless shows on TV, a few weeks ago I got obsessed with this program called Storage Wars which is basically people who buy storage lockers then sell the stuff inside it. Pointless yes, addictive yes.

Ps. I do have sheer black tights on, my legs arent that dark hahah!