001. So its coming to a end my holiday in Turkey! I have one more night after tonight then Im home in the early hours of Wednesday morning! I've really enjoyed my time here, I really love Turkey, its such a lovely country and most people are super friendly (albeit some are a little pushy and some a little creepy!) I stayed in the Hotel Turquoise, for anyone who wanted to know! I think its a little pricey, obvz depends on your budget! but SO worth it. My mum goes here twice a year, I think this trip was her 6th and another in September? The food is amazing, the staff are really friendly, nice and polite, really clean, have really good bug control (even tho I did get a few insect bites this year!) and really good entertainment!

002. I'm off to London on Thursday morning, getting the train as well which is such a luxury seeing as I normally get the National Express and even though its super cheap, its the worst 4 hours (each way!) of my life! Im going to a Motel event in the evening & during the day I should be setting up my University show for D&AD, although I've not heard from anyone in my class about it, so who knows if my participation is going to happen!

003. Still 20% off  in my shop using my "AWAYFROMKEYBOARD" with my limited stock levels! I promise everything will be back as soon I've returned home and sorted all problems and questions out. Seeing as I'm not going to be in London for as long as I expected, I should be able to send everything ordered sooner than I anticipated!