001. Above photo is from yesterday with Victoria, being the lazy bum I've turned into of recent days I forgot to charge my camera so theres hardly any photos from when we were together and none from today! The jeans weren't what I was wearing, I was just trying them on! Was so nice seeing her and we had a good laugh, and obvz look round the shops. I tried desperately to fit into a size 6 dress in River Island because it was faulty and had 75% off but it simply wouldn't go over my wide chest! Not that I'm a size 6 in the first place, but my inner bargainista was determind to try! Was such a shame as it was so lovely, tempted to buy it full price though!

002. My blog is two on Tuesday, I really cant belive I've been doing this for that long either! I feel like a proud parent!

003. I bought a Urban Decay Naked palette the other day from a tip off via Amy then persuasion via Nicola, not that I needed my arm twisted that much! It hasn't come yet but I'm so excited about getting it. Its something I've wanted for ages but kept putting it off when it came back into stock! I got mine from HQ Hair but I think they are sold out already! They sell like goldust, so if you see one anywhere I'd snap it up!

004. Put a new necklace in my shop today, and I've also restocked the small turquoise rings and the crosses. There is still free UK shipping on some items (the small rings, the cross & the three rings). I have alot of new stuff that I need to photograph and put up but I'm thinking about leaving it till after my holiday, Although I think things will come in drips and drabs at the moment so its always worth checking back!

005. BOOK RECCOMENDATIONS? Im not a booky person, I hardly read (do blogs count?)despite being sucked in by this Kindle commercial, when it first came out, I've only used it a handful of times. Im just looking books to read when I'm on holiday! My main interests are like crime, mysteries and history, so any recommendations of that theme would be great, however any good reads you've had recently just let me know!