cross: forever 21
jeggings: primark

Today is one of those days where I really cant be bothered to do anything. Like seriously I haven't moved from my bedroom apart from to get coffee, pick my mum up from work and answer the door to the postman. Living the dream hey! Im a really self motivated person most of the time, Give me a task and a time frame and I'll do it, But today, pah. Nothing! I have another deadline on Friday which I completely forgot about/havent started, Looks like tonight will be a all nighter!

Im itching to go back to the gym, but I tweaked my knee running and its still giving me a bit of a niggling pain so I really don't want to push myself quite yet. I'll give it a few more days and ease myself back in! Bikini body time is running out! I did actually manage to find a highwaisted bikini I liked in the end, well I improvised with a polka dot top I got from Primark for about £4 and some high wasted bottoms that were recommended to me from H&M, which were about £3 too. I might do a photo of me in it, I'm not unconfident in my body at all, but there is something about wearing a bikini that in my eyes should only be revealed in a country far far away from anyone you know!

Anyway I've just talked crap in this post, but nothing like a ramble hey!