swedish hasbeens x H&M (via ebay)

Oh the eBay gods have been shining on me today! Finally managed to nab the Swedish Hasbeen x H&M shoes that I've been trying to resist buying. Some how the collection completely bypassed me and when I found out about it the red ones, the ones I liked the most were pretty much sold out! They are now going for over inflated prices on eBay. I hate it when people buy up all the nice/must have things then put them on eBay purely to make a profit, makes me sad for the people who really want things! Anyway I paid just over £40 for them which I think is reasonable considering they were £39.99 originally, I caught a lucky break for a change! I dont really like bidding sites, I always get carried away and bid too much!

Tomorrow I'm going to Manchester to meet Victoria, its been so long since we last spent time together we decided to just go for it and meet half way! Should be fun, apart from I hate getting trains and I know already that something stupid like the air con will break (its meant to be super hot tomorrow!) or I'll be sitting next to a smelly person. If you follow me on Twitter & remember last Fridays train troubles/lulz, you will know my luck with such things!