top: H&M
skirt: H&M
jacket: river island
necklaces: forever 21 & jwlry

A bit of rehash of a favourite old outfit with some recent wardrobe additions. One of my favourite long sleeved tops and trusty body con skirts, paired with a River Island black blazer. I often get asked if I wear the same thing more than once, and obviously I do! I aint Rumi Neely! (Quote via Simone!) I don't often repost outfits, even when I wear them twice, because its not that fun seeing the same thing again! I have a pretty good wardrobe rotation scheme and tend to get alot of wear out of all my clothes, despite having alot to choose from! But this top is absolutely one of my favorites and I wear it once a week at least!

Had a epic stress at university today, Sometimes its so disorganized it drives me mad. I some of my work out only to find out that I probably will need to print it all out again smaller because I presumed I'd have more space than I will probably end up having. We haven't been told anything about how to mount our work, what work we should put up or even how much space we have. It needs to be up by Wednesday evening but literally no one came in to college today to discuss it. ARGH! Oh well! Im packed and ready to go on holiday! Cant come soon enough!