old photo, but im currently topknotted & pj'd up!

001. Went shopping with my mother day, like we do most sundays! I ended up buying a load of makeup, I say a load I only bought Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation & some MAC mineralise skinfinish natural. I reccomend and use all of those mentioned, I hardly buy makeup anymore apart from concealer/foundation/powder/mascara. I have rather large stockpile of MAC makeup, some I use some I don't. I always say one day I'll part with my "collection" aka hoard. But I know I wont. I've been a religious MAC user for shadow and blush for as long as I can remember! I used to not believe people when they said makeup lasts for years, but my first ever MAC eyeshadow (All That Glitters) is still going strong!

002. So nice to see so many people entering the Dixi giveaway! I don't normally do giveaways, but when I was approached to do this one I was pretty chuffed with the prize and KNEW you guys would love it too! It's been such a massive success so far!

003. I am off on holiday on the 17th June, Which is coincidentally the day of my Final Show at university. I'm really gutted I'm missing it but at the same time I cannot wait to go on a holiday! I wasn't actually supposed to be going, but after a long story (and paying for some of it myself!) I was able to go! I'm going with my whole family, which should be a challenge in itself! But I'm keen! Oh sun, sea and mojitos! If you have been following the blog for a long time, Im going to the exact same place I went last year! Haha!

004. Currently all the small rings in my shop, including the three natural stone rings are free shipping (UK only!) and the five's are back in stock too! Anyone who pre-ordered a five pack should be sent on Monday! Really sorry for keeping you waiting! Zoe linked me on her Youtube so they went so quickly even though I got a ton of stock in last time! Fingers crossed this lot will last! As I'm probably not getting more in till after I get back from my holiday mentioned above!