001. So tired and its VERY late, But tradition is tradition! I feel like I've worked my ass off this week, Not only with going to London, I've done so much university work and been gymming it full force! Joined in with a very enlightening and thought provoking #bblogger chat that Fee organized as well as super fangirled over The Strokes at Radio One's Big Weekend! Next week I'm just doing university work all week, The count down to final days has well and truely begun!

002. I've finally decided to get rid of the Ombre and go either blonde or totally deep dark brown, I havent booked the appointment yet though! Im kinda scared! My hair is my natural colour apart from the Ombre, Obvz. I just think Ombre has had its day now, seems a little passe now that everyone and their Mum has it. My step Dad even had bit of natural ombre hair when we were on holiday last year as the sun had made the tips of his hair blonder where his hat wasnt! Oh how I lolled!

003. I bought a pair of jeans today, cropped ones from Primark. I actually kind of like them. I don't wear trousers, like I mean ever. Seriously the last time I wore jeans properly was about 2005!  I might do a outfit post with them if I do decide to keep them. I'm still not 100% sure about them though!

004. I've become obsessed with watching competetive eating videos on Youtube, Sometimes I worry about my internet history. I really read and look at the oddest things on the internet!