001. Checked my bank today and my student loan had surprisingly gone in, I thought it wasn't in till Tuesday, but I'm a happy bunny! Marks the start of the epic 5-6 weeks till I actually have left until I leave university and be a graduate. I've been working on a magazine layout based project for most of the day which has been really fun. Just need to write some content for it now! Feeling mightily inspired at the moment, and actually have alot of desire to work and make these last weeks really count!

002. I'm in a bit of a clothing slump at the moment, I don't really like anything in the shops, and I find it all a bit blah. I like colour blocking but I feel its a bit too *in* for my liking, Im not so keen on the Navajo trend that's being forced upon us either. So who knows what I'll be wearing from now on. Right now IRL I tend to be wearing the same things over and over again. There just isn't anything that has caught my eye and been like "WOW I NEED THIS". I tried to do a Topshop order today but my card was declined because they thought it was a fraudulent transaction. Maybe its a sign.

003. I went to see Scream 4 the other day too, Which I highly recommend. Its just a parody of itself now which I think is great. Was very twisty and turny, but stayed true to what Scream was about in the first place.

004. I think I might take a trip to London next week or the week after. I really fancy just going down for a day or two just to go to some exhibitions and learning some stuff! If anyone knows of anything good going on down there let me know!