leather jacket: primark
dress: H&M
cross necklace: topman
turquoise necklace: forever 21
rings: jwlry & forever 21
nails: models own top turquoise

Im wearing a maxi. Yes my mini loving friends, I Short-skirt McGee is wearing a full length dress. I don't do maxi, I dont think I've ever worn something full length! I'm short and I think alot of times unless a maxi is proportioned right it can really drown people like me. Last year I avoided them at all costs, not even considering getting one. However a woman came into New Look the other day wearing this and I knew I had to get my paws on it.  I even asked her where she got it from and I NEVER ask stuff like that even when I really want something.

Its a tad ~rocker~ish paired with the leathers and the cross necklace which I think its a little well... passé. Oh well its post-ironic to be a hipster right, so that makes me cool and but not too cool? Hahah! I dunno what I'm even on about anymore!