rings: asos & jwlry
everything else: river island

This was a outfit that was meant to be featured on River Island, but due to time constraints and me sending it off too late they couldn't post it. Oh well! I wore this out for drinks last week, fully embracing the semi hooker look with the over the knee socks and heels (not pictured, but they were these ones, I couldn't walk, do do heels, ever!) I actually quite like the socks for some reason, I'm not really a knee high or socky person and I think it makes me look super short, however it sort of worked with the vibe I was aiming for!

Anyway I must dash! Tonight Im going out for Nandos and to see Thor, I've heard some good things about it so who knows if I'll like it or not. University work is going nowhere, I keep going round in circles hoping that inspiration will pop out or a project will come together completely. I'm starting printing my work on Monday! Eeep!

Ps. This is a scheduled post that didnt post, I thought Thor was quite good though!