cardigan/poncho: primark
dress: H&M
sunglasses: new look
necklace: river island

I like to call this look "CBA but have to leave the house look". My default look when I really cant be bothered to get dressed properly is simply a plain dress and a massive cardigan. Me and my Mum went spur of the moment shopping trip today which resulted in me having very little time get from my PJ's into something worthy of going to town in. However I manged to snap these photos quickly before leaving. I just wore this poncho, black strappy dress and some brown brogues. I'd only bought the poncho (it still has the label if for your beady eyed readers, was removed before I left the house, so do not worry) to wear on holiday as a coverup in the evenings. I like it alot more now that I've worn it properly though. I was hoping it would come in black too but they didnt have any when I was there!

My planned day has gone completely out the window thanks to my Mum and her obsessive shopping. I'm so behind on the things I'd planned to do (reply to emails, read blogs & see my baby brothers!) I'm just about to dash to the gym (so im hoping this will post when Im there, if not, I have already been to the gym, ignore said comment) then back doing university work and packing all remaining jewellery orders to be shipped out tomorrow. Cannot wait to get back to university tomorrow, I really want to see all my friends and spend some time out of the house that isnt at work! Have I gone mad? Yes.

PS. My hair is not agreeing with me at the moment hence the messy messy messy topknot.