top: primark
coat: H&M
skirt: H&M
necklace: forever 21
satchel: river island
shoes: primark
belt: primark
tote: new look (press day bag)
watch: swatch
(gosh I hope thats everything haha)

Just a few snaps from when I was in London, I was going to post my New Look A/W press day and Style Nation launch party photos but decided just to post these miscellaneous photos from my trip! Me and Greg went to Yo! Sushi, I had hairy prawns, chicken tsukune and spicy chicken salad. We also went to the V&A for a bit. If you follow me on Twitter you would know I bought a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, I feel like a proud parent. I FINALLY got one of the bags I've always lusted after.

I've been saying for a while I wanted to spend my rainy day money on a designer bag, I went through a period of wanting a Mullberry Alexa but decided to get a Louis because despite what most people think of them, personally I think they are really classic and it goes with practically everything. I always knew deep down I was a Louis girl, and Im so happy I got him!