jacket: F&F @ Tesco
tunic: H&M
necklaces: forever 21
rings: market stall & jwlry
nails: models own beths blue

I was given a voucher from Clothing at Tesco after going to their press day a few weeks ago, A 25% off promotion came up and I knew it was the right time to use it, extra discount! And we all know I love my discount codes! I decided on this jacket because I thought it would be cool for the beach, however when it came I knew it looked good for day wear too. It only cost like £10.50 in the end which personally (even though I didn't pay for it, but would have if I didn't have a voucher!) think is a complete bargain. Its the kind of thing Topshop would charge like £45 for!

The review "Not quite what I expected, more suitable to an older person" made me laugh, It is quite "old person" but in a hipster kind of way! I always find clothing reviews on websites funny, mainly because I think fashion is really subjective, like one persons trash is another persons treasure.  I see alot of clothing companies are introducing the "review" thing on their websites and I just dont get it, When it comes to quality and stuff like that fair enough having a bit of a review, but most of the time when I read them they are about the style of the item, how the colour looked funny on them or how a item didn't suit that person. I guess I find it a bit defunct because we aren't all the same, sometimes things don't suit me but look fab on someone else. So I don't REALLY get the usefulness of a "review" of a clothing item!

PS. I am wearing hotpants under the tunic, you just cant see them, no indecent exposure for me, before you comment on how truly scandalous I am!
PPS. God my hair looks ridiculously orange here, I can assure its not. Cannot wait to get rid of the Ombre!