jumper: H&M
coat: H&M
skirt: zara
necklace: forever 21
rings: asos & jwlry
nails: models own coral reef

Todays outfit was pretty much a bit of a OH CRAP I'M LATE FOR UNI look. I was going to change for the purposes of the blog, but thats cheating right? I overslept by three hours this morning, and was supposed to be taking my mum and brother to town! I threw on anything I had lurking in my drawers. I wore the scarf and coat combo yesterday out shopping, the jumper on Friday to lounge around in and the skirt was just the first one on top of the pile! Accessorized with whatever jewellery I had lurking in my car and bag! However I quite like it, feels a little throw back 70's but thats cool with me!

I adore this single breasted coat, It really photographs badly compared to the way it looks in real life! It has this really nice ~mens wear~ inspired feel to it which adds so much to outfits. Heres a proper photo of it, to show it does look nice IRL! The proportions just look really off with my normal photo stylee! I really ummed and ahhed over buying it months ago but after seeing it was the only one in my size left I knew it was meant to be! I also have a thing about sheer tights at the moment. I always think they look a bit grannish, but in a good way if that makes sense? I find myself going through pairs and pairs though as I always get them caught on things or rip them when I put them on!