dress: topshop
blazer: river island
rings: asos, jwlry & market stall

This post is coming at you faster than the speed of light! I just went to get my train to go out tonight and it was cancelled so I've come home quickly and decided to post before I run back to the station to try and catch the next train! This is what im wearing out tonight for drinks with my uni friends, we are all handed in and ready to finish! The dress was a spur of the moment pick from Topshop, I dont really like it that much, I think its far too blah for my liking and I'd like it more if there was something going on, I probably should have got it in a different colour, but the normal version was too long so quickly had to opt for the petite! Ah well, I do like it though and reckon I'd wear it again!

People on here always ask me what I wear out, I dont really go out so I just tend to buy things before I go out that day. To be honest my going out clothes are just the same as my normal day clothes just no tights, bigger hair and heels! Anyway must dash!

Haha I just noticed both my poses are the same in each photo, but I literally did 5 photos with the jacket five without, and these were the best!