my camera battery died.
001. Hope everyones out enjoying the sun this Bank Holiday weekend has brought us! Also all the Easter related choccies! I've had a lovely few days with my friends who are back for Easter. Its so nice seeing them for a change as they are all off at university! Tomorrow I'm off spending the day with my Mum, which one can only predict will be a Bank Holiday induced chaos!

002. Its my last week at New Look! I'm working Thursday, Friday & Saturday then I'm done! Thinking of applying for evening waitressing job in town just to tide me over until I finish university & then start looking for a "proper" job! How adult! I was even looking into buying a house earlier this week. Inside I still feel about 14 so it feels so weird doing things like that!

003. Thanks for all the support with the River Island feature, I was really nervous about it because I don't generally do things with brands, especially big High Street stores! I will hopefully be doing another 3-4 featured posts for them as well!