001. Seriously how nice is the weather in the UK at the moment? Its so lovely to be able to sit outside and just chill with a glass of Pimms in the sun! Today I've been catching up on blogs as well as doing some university work. Actually had some good ideas for a project, I think being outside is inspiring! I also went shopping with my mother, who seems to be obsessed with buying clothes (where do I get it from?) since she lost all her weight on Weight Watchers!

002. I handed in my resignation to New Look on Saturday, I don't really want to leave if I'm being honest but I want to get university done with (only a month left! AAGHH!) and then travel over the summer before moving to a different city before the autumn. It just sort of made sense to leave now to focus on other things. I'm really bummed as I'll miss everyone I work with & totally miss the discount! I never did the Gap Yah thing before I went to uni, so thats why I want to go travelling now, Im thinking going around europe as I've not been to many places. However I'd love to go back to New Zealand/Australia again. Decisions!

003. Updated the shop with a lucky dip random mix of rings. Its £10 for 5 of them, there are a limited amount so if you want to bag a bargain lucky dip of rings be quick!

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