001. Hope everyone had a fab time with their Mum's today, We had a big family meal, in which I ate too much food and have now entered a self inflicted food coma! We had stuffed peppers with haloumi cheese, sweet potato and chilli mash and grilled chicken, Followed by raspberry pana cotta, profiteroles and lots of cheese! God even typing it out makes me think WHY DID I EAT SO MUCH! So worth it though! OMNOMNOM

002. ITS WRESTLEMANIA TONIGHT! Genuinely one of my favourite nights of the year, I'm huge wrestling fan, I know its fake and its not cool blahblah. But I can honestly say I'm more interested in wrestling than fashion. Sometimes I think I should write a wrestling blog, but then I did some research and the haters on there are probably 100 times worse than the ones I get here! Regardless, I'm excited, I love the showmanship and the whole spectacle of Wrestlemania! My beloved homegurl Snooki is wrestling too which should be good for a laugh!

003. Was payday on Monday! So I'm hoping to do some online shopping when I get a few moments to focus on something other than university or working! I havent really seen anything in the shops in the last month and thought YES. I NEED THIS. Its all a bit blah at the moment, very samey same and very uninspiring! Im not into all the colour blocking we are being forced into by the shops! I do want to buy some clogs/sandals/whatever they are called ala Gem though! I also want a red, cream and mint colored skirts from American Apparel, and maybe a Cactus Jack t-shirt.

004. Anyone who ordered Asos Vouchers through Groupon, you need to make sure you use them by the 10th! Ive still got two left to use and NO idea what to get with them!

005. I recommend you follow Victoria. Seriously I know I talk about her alot but shes been a true friend to me through everything, blogging and even transitioning into real life. She really puts up with all my late night frantic texts and complaining! Its her birthday next week too! I cant wait to see her again soon (: