[1] top: primark, skirt: zara, ring: JWRLY
[2] shirt: H&M, skirt: zara, necktie: local haberdashery
[3] dress: madam rage @ new look, cardigan: yayer, ring: tatty devine
[4] top: topshop, cardigan: new look, skirt: H&M, necklace: zara taylor, ring: local market, nails: eyeko punk

Obviously these arent outtake-outtakes, Not the full blown bloopers, those will never see the light of day! Theres no chance Im going to be uploading half blinking herp derp faced photographs onto the interwebsz! But sometimes I take outfit photos and they dont always come out to plan, sometimes outfits dont photograph right, come out a bit out of focus or they just dont seem to make it onto the blog because I either forget that I have the photos or just dont post them! I thought I'd just post these images! Does this count as four outfit posts in one? I dunno why but when I typed that it that reminded me of the Philosaraptor? Anyway one day they might make a full blown outfit post, but who knows! Better on here for people to see rather than sitting unused on my Macbook Hardrive!!

Sorry I've been MIA towards the latter part of the week, been doing some major hours at work, considering I'm contracted for 20 I think I've worked about 30 odd this week. I have tomorrow off (well, I'm spending time with my Mama!) and I'm going to catch up with blogs, emails and other bits and pieces. Have a ton of university work to be getting on with too! Still haven't decided what to do for my FMP or Commitments projects! I also need to finish packaging all my orders from this week. I've put a 10% off code till Tuesday if you wanted to order any of my jewelz over the weekend! Just use "10percent" at the check out! Click here.

Anyway I really hope your all good! Im off out now for drinks with my friends who have come back home to see their Mummys! Really looking forward to tomorrow though, we are having a big family meal! I got my Mum a George Foreman Grill for Mothers Day, lets hope she doesn't read this before tomorrow morning! If not, CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW GRILL MUM! <3