skirt: H&M
shoes: very
hat: very
bra (unseen, pervs!): wonderbra
glasses: pinched off brother
dorky hipster pose: via myspace

I was recently asked by Wonderbra to take part in a little challenge about styling white t-shirts. As Gem put it, not to be confused with wet t-shirt contest (oh how I laughed!). Believe it or not I'm actually a 36A, I KNOW RIGHT. I've been measured in so many different places and by different people and that's what they come up with. I'm really... err.. wide sideways I guess, Plus I'm quite broad in the shoulders too so I guess that's why I have a wider back! They sent me a t-shirt bra to try out, which I actually really like. I normally go for a bit of padding to even out my hourglass figure, but this one was very nice and felt like they were firmly in place! I've never owned a nude bra before, always thought they were a bit, ahem grannish! Also I was pleasantly surprised with the fact you cant see it through a white t-shirt, a major gripe I have with white bras under white tee's!

When it comes to supporting the boobage (or my lack thereof!) I don't tend to go expensive and always wear black underwear. I really should "invest" more nice underwear, I think getting this bra has probably changed my mind about more pricey undergarments. They do fit better and I feel comfortable and supported! Might have to invest in the biggest push up one they have #fml #theshame #whyamisayingthisontheintenret #sorrymum!

And to what I actually wore... Before you say anything,  Why am I wearing a wooly hat and bare legs? Because I'm stupid that's right! I don't do weather appropriate dressing at all! It was a little chilly today actually so I suppose it can be forgiven. I know the fake geek glasses are a total hipster dream, but I felt they went with the preppy-geeky-skater-ish thing I was going for. I'm in love with these Converse, I adore my battered white high tops, but I chose these black ones from Very as I knew they would look awesome in the summer with pretty little dresses!

You can buy the T-shirt Bra from Wonderbra here.