top: primark
skirt: primark
rings: topshop
necklace: H&M
nails: nubar rosso
lips: mac

Just a pretty basic outfit for me today. I wasn't feeling up to doing anything today my legs were killing from working out yesterday. I did a hour on the treadmill plus weights and my body now hates me. However I ended up going to the gym again today out of boredom. I'm one of those weird people that really enjoys working out!

The heart print skirt a really old one from Primark, it was in the sale for about £3. I do have another heart skirt which I wore here, which is what I initially wanted to wear but upon pulling it out of my wardrobe I think a mouse or a moth could have got to it because it has loads of holes in. Sadface. The top was just one of the basic ones that are like £2-£3? I have quite alot of the Primark basic long sleeve and short sleeve tops, they come in alot of styles and colours, and despite the fact they are pretty basic they are nice and I personally don't find them that bad quality.

Anyway I hope everyone is OK, I'm back at work tomorrow for my one of my three remaining shifts! I'm so gutted I'm missing the Royal Wedding. I think the whole concept is a bit kitch and fun. I'm in no way a Royalist but I think things like this have a bit of British Old Time charm which I really love. My Mum is having a tea party! We have flags all round our living room & shes got a photo of them up on the wall. I do worry about her sometimes!

PS. Updated the shop with some black stone rings & the bird skull necklaces that I wore in this outfit post!