dress worn as shirt: new look
skirt: H&M
belt: primark
glasses: boohoo
rings: H&M, Asos, jwlry, forever 21
nails: leopard ala Gem, models own top turquoise, beths blue, wah x nailpen

LOOOOVE the shoulders on this shirt, I really love the little capped cropped sleeves. I love Chambray, especially in the summer. It has a real preppy quality to it which I really like. Plus its light and just nice to wear in general! I actually bought this skirt in *cough* 4 colours *cough* after seeing Kate wearing this little peachy number. Think it was £6.99 so it wasn't really like I was splurging, and I took the two Topshop similar skirts I'd bought for £50 back! Plus I'll wear them alot, and they are much cheaper than the American Apparel ones I wanted... Im justifying myself here!

Anyway, Tonight I'm going out (as of typing I am, plans my change! I'm indecisive today!). I have no idea what to wear as ll my going out clothes, all three dresses are far too "wintery"!  I must faux tan as I cannot let myself look as pale as my legs do in these photos. And because people ask all the time I use the cheapy St Moritz (mainly dark but sometimes the regular) mousse! Which I get from Bodycare for about £3 and use a Primark Mitt. Oh the glamour.

UK shipping on my small turquoise rings in my shop is free for the next week! So if you wanna grab one for just £4 go ahead! Alot of stuff is out of stock at the moment but I will be getting new items in & restocking loads of stuff soon!