top: via ebay (mines a mens small)
skirt: H&M
belt: primark

Dont normally wear mens t-shirts, However I think I can make an exception for Hulk Hogan (LOL at the second photo!)! I always find these sorts of tee's, you know, like band t-shirts and graphic t-shirts, a bit boyish really unflattering on my figure, So decided to wear a girly high waisted skirt and a cream chunky aran cardigan to make it a bit more ~womanly~. I actually really like this look, its casual and awesome and the kind of thing I'd love to wear every single day. Not everyone's cup of tea, but totally up my street! Do you love my wrestling pose?

Not much to day today, Im really tired (seriously when am I not?) and all I want to do is lie down and play Angry Birds! I might fake tan because Im looking terribly pale at the moment. But that requires alot of effort, Might just go to the salon! Ooh also Im thinking of going blonder for summer, not like bleach blonde but more of a caramel, beachy blonde, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen colour! My hairs its natural colour, apart from the ombre obviously, so I reckon going lighter wont be that much of a challenge. Anyway, enough rambles, TO BED!