ps. soz no details, my camera died!
dress: topshop
cardigan: primark
necklace: forever 21
lips: barry m peachy pink

I love this dress despite it being terrible ill fitting in these photographs. I bought it on a whim in Topshop with out even trying it on. My Mum said it looked like a dress my Gran would have worn when she was younger. However its pretty and I never wear pink. Its also that awful fabric Topshop seem to be obsessed with at the moment that is weird and kinda seethrough. I dunno. Its odd but awesome at the same time, lets put it that way!

Worked my old job today and it was surprisingly enjoyable. Despite having to get up at 6, I finished work at 1 and got home and did some chores. Its funny when you realize you were probably happier in the job you had before. I'm in two minds at the moment about leaving my job to focus on university. But I'm in one of those worrying moments where I'll hate having no income, and I've only got about 10 or so weeks left of it until I finish, so is it really worth it? OH SIGH.

I think everyone on high alert on Twitter re the Groupon Asos discount coupon but I'll post on here incase people don't have it. Basically is £9 spend for a £20 voucher. Which is absolutely amazing! I've bought three. You can buy them by clicking this link. I'm going to buy some Nars makeup with mine, probably some of the ~Laguna Bronzer~ and some of the cream blushes! I highly recommend this deal as its l ike ! (If theres any left by the time I've posted this!)

PS. I'm totes obsessed with all the Charlie Sheen dramz at the moment. I love a bit of crazy.  Even though hes clearly off his rocker! And I LOVE THIS AUTOTUNE THE NEWS SONG.