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necklace: jwlry
top: topshop

001. WUT UP PEEPZ. I am feeling less than stellar today, I spent yesterday playing with my baby brother who's sickness seems to have rubbed off on me. I'm really tired today and had a epic 2 hour nap earlier. God bless makeup for making me look normal! I went to Primark with my Mum earlier and saw a Dr Dre t-shirt, I really wanted it but my Mum just looked at me disapprovingly. I'm sure Dr Dre would not have been happy either.

002. Im in London on Thursday, I'm going to the Pick Me Up Art Fair at Somerset House. Not as in the trashy-how-can-this-be-real-life-seriously-does-this-stuff-even-happen-in-real-life magazine Pick Me Up! Im really looking forward to it! I'm also in Sheffield next Saturday for the bloggers meet up! Cannot wait to meet everyone! Pardon my ignorance if I forget names/faces/dont know who you are, I'm really really bad remembering people! Just come up and introduce yourself! I'm nice IRL promise! I've sort of planned out my outfit as well which is exciting!

003. Finished my dissertation on Wednesday, Well I actually handed it in a day early and handed it in on Tuesday. How prepared was I! I wrote a loltastic (well I thought so!) acknowledgment page and wasn't actually going to hand it in, However being the idiot I am I actually did leave it in. I now have a lasting memory of how sometimes my own lulz is not worth it. Lets hope they skip that page!

004. Been meaning to mention this for a while now but I made the Most Wanted Fashion 100, I'm 6 in the Up and Coming category!

005. A cop out but I recommend you follow everyone listed in the Most Wanted Fashion 100! Some of the best UK Blogs (and international!) out there are linked too! Most of my favourites are on there! I read most of the blogs listed on there on a regular basis!