001. I promised myself I'd take a proper photo this week instead of a iphone/photbooth one but alas Im so tired. I just got home from my dads and totally didn't realize the time! The photos actually something I twitpic'd the other day! I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses of all time which I've worn probably once since I got it! It was my Grannys birthday and we went for a meal at my aunties so I got a bit dolled up! Ah well love it! Good Ol' Topperz!

002. My heart really goes out to the people of Japan at the moment. Natural disasters really get to me, seeing the footage genuinely upset me when it happened a few days ago. However it would be amazing if everyone could just take two seconds and donate some money to them. You don't have to donate the suggested amounts if you just click other and type in how much you want to donate.

003. New rings up again in the JWLRY shop. You can use 15PLZ to get 15% off till Tuesday! Im tempted to get some sort of jewellery in and sell it so 100% of the profit goes to the Japanese quake. Its something I feel so passionate about.

004. I'm back at the gym! Motivated by the fact I want to be able to run again, and the possibility of doing a marathon in aid of my friend who died from Cancer this time last year. I'm using the Couch to 10k app at the moment as a starting point to get on track with it. Although a marathon is like 5 times that! But we all gotta start somewhere! I think there is a Couch to 25k one too? Might work my way up! Baby steps people! Anyone who has any experience with running long distances please let me know how you trained and that! I'd love to hear more about it!
005. I will get back into doing five to follow soon, but because I've been away from the blog world alot recently I haven't really been reading as many blogs as I should have been! My BlogLovin' unread count keeps ticking upwards and its making me nervous! Once my dissertation is handed in on Wednesday I shall be back to normal blogging and reading! I cannot wait!