iphone suxx

001. Same old same old. Done pretty much the same as I do every week this week. Work/uni/work/uni. I'm back at work again which takes up so much of my time. Although I've been out alot this week seeing friends and stuff, which has been really nice. Next week is going to be a flurry of activity of the mundane kind. I've got a hand in, as well as working at my old job covering some shifts as well as doing my normal job. I don't know why I put myself through it! My dissertation needs to be handed in the week after too. But luckily that's finished!

002. I've been planning for my 21st, My Mum asked me what I wanted to for it and to be honest I dont know. Most things like jewellery and expensive bags I can probably buy myself so there is no point asking for that kinda stuff. So I posted on Twitter about it and I think most people agreed a holiday would probably be the kind of gift that lasts the longest. I either want to go to Paris or New York. Im lemming towards New York at the moment, but it depends. I hate flying so much.

003. Short again, But I do have posts scheduled for next week so fingers crossed there will be more to see!