knit dress: H&M
jacket: H&M
necklace: new look
rings: (l-r) small turquoise ring (6), tribal sheild ring (5) & local market stall
nails: nubar rosso

Comfort dressing today, oversized knit dress & leggings ftw. I'm not that well still, and I'd rather not have been forced to get dressed, but Im one of those people who simply cant just sit around doing nothing. Im a bit of a workaholic, and it really is one of my biggest downfalls. I have a slight earache and feel very stiff and tired. I'm really hoping its just a extended 24 hour thing and another nights sleep might do me good! If I can I'm going to go into university tomorrow and do something because I haven't done anything productive in what feels like days! I know I shouldn't run myself into the ground, but I need structure in my life of things end up going wrong! Maybe I'm just paranoid though!

I haven't owned a blazer in years, I saw this one in H&M and kept putting it off because I really didn't need another black coat. However after a few return trips I did decide to buy it. It felt a bit like fate because it was one of those things that I kept thinking about, coming back, leaving it and then contemplating just how much I wanted it. The slouchy oversized shape really interests me, its just the right amount of the menswear trend. Either way its all good! I've been wearing it loads since I got it and I can 100% say I made the right choice getting it!