dress: topshop
cardigan: yayer
ring: primark

All my work is handed in and I'm back in the blogging game! Although I have really forgotten how to pose correctly so I don't have to take a hundred million photos. After 317 photos and a dozen half blinking snaps, a few double chins and some awkward facial expressions I got my outfit post done! There really is a art to getting outfit posts done, I really should do another post talking about how to do them. But sometimes they are just hit and miss. Shall add this to my list of things I need to blog about soon though!

This is what I'm wearing out tonight for a drinks and food with my university pals. We aren't going out out, just out for a Indian (NOM!) and probs a few drinks after. I cant be bothered with dressing up too much, Although I'm tempted to wear some black sheer tights and my new single breasted oversized blazer (again another thing I need to post about soon!) instead. Yayer sent me this cardigan because they know how much I LOVED that other one they sent me. I have got a purple cardigan that I think my Mum stole off me. Shes lost nearly two stone on Weight Watchers recently and I keep noticing things I own going missing!

I've been really excited about going out and just kicking back doing nothing for a few days. I've given myself the rest of the week off university & I'm off work for another two weeks. I'm going to sleep for at least 50% of it. I've had over 10 hours sleep the past two nights and Im still really shattered!

Anyway I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the sunshine today if your in the UK!