001. Give me a bit of break if I'm not posting much right now. I'm not quitting blogging or whatever, I'm just busy with other stuff and have so much university work to be getting on with. Like most people know, I'm in my last year of university so its really my main focus at the moment. Thing is its not the summer anymore, I don't have loads of free time either, plus my job is different from what it was last year and I get home much later. Excuses, Excuses. But its the truth. I really don't like being asked when my next post will be because I don't know when it will be and its not my fault. I do want to blog, I just dont have time.You all know that there are so many amazing blogs out there, and I trust they can tide you over until I'm back to my usual form! So yeah, please just bare with me till things aren't so crazy!
002. Ring update, all rings that have been ordered so far (turquoise ones!) have either been sent or being sent tomorrow. Brilliant news that the Cross rings are due tomorrow and I hope to get them out by the end of the week! Have tons of new styles coming in this week although I doubt that I'll be updating the shop now till after my deadlines!

Talk soon (: